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Just a mom, doing mom things

My journey started with a company called younique. I needed a plan. A backup, something to get the ball rolling and younique was my stepping stone and is still my favorite makeup and yes I am still selling it, but when I started, I had no confidence, I was depressed. I lost family members then I lost my daughter at 31 weeks in 2014

My son came along in 2016 and he along with my younique journey brought me out of my shell. So I began to experiment more with makeup. I was already dying my hair different colors but my scalp was starting to be sensitive so I needed an alternative to dying my hair.

That's when I discovered the beauty of wigs. You can change your hair color, style, etc without the damage to your scalp and hair.

I'm not sure why I hadn't done it before. But I experimented with wigs for a bit and I'm still learning quite a bit but over the last year wigs have become a passion and I wear them constantly as well as put them on for my flash sale lives.

It's so crazy how such a small change can bring so much confidence! Plus I love seeing others exert their confidence with wigs and art and the passion for whatever their heart desires, which is what has led me here.

I don't have a lot of stock yet but I'm working hard to be able to stock up with amazing wigs at an affordable price because it's what makes me happy and I hope to help others find their piece of happiness.

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