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Younique as a stepping stone and why I rejoined.

I first joined Younique on 2017 to be able to help my family with some financial responsibility. I was doing well with it until Facebook locked me out of my account in 2018 and then I couldn't afford the upkeep.

I wanted to be able to afford basic necessities for me and my son without having to depend on others. So after a failed attempt with Younique ( totally not youniques fault) I started making jewelry and had flash sales to be able to buy my vinyl machine.

I worked hard and it's the first thing that I bought with money I earned. So for a while I was doing tumblers and t-shirts as well as my jewelry and I still could not make it work. There was something missing. I hadn't quite found my calling yet.

A friend messaged me with some ideas. One of those ideas was a weekly flash sale with mystery bags and giveaways.

I brushed the idea off. I just had not been able to make anything work. I had to figure something out or go to work for someone else. Leave my home everyday and leave my baby. I was not ready to do that, so I started my flash sales live on Facebook.

At first 1 or 2 people was watching. I'd only make a few bucks maybe $20 or $30 each time but after a month of 2 things started picking up. Sales got better and I started gaining confidence and started wearing makeup more then came the wig companies wanting me to do videos of their wigs, and business has flourished since.

Now the why rejoin. Because as a woman, I love makeup. Almost as much as I love wigs. So between my flash sales, Younique and this website, I have found my place. Not only is business flourishing but I'm also happy with what I do.

I love youniques amazing products and Younique has not only become my stepping stone, gaining my confidence, meeting amazing women and making me feel beautiful but it also has become an important part of my happy place. This is my chi! So when you support, whether it's flash sales, my Younique business or this website, you are not only helping me support my family but you are also helping me achieve my dreams and you are so appreciated more than you will ever know! Thank you!!

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