Younique as a stepping stone and why I rejoined.

I first joined Younique on 2017 to be able to help my family with some financial responsibility. I was doing well with it until Facebook locked me out of my account in 2018 and then I couldn't afford the upkeep.

I wanted to be able to afford basic necessities for me and my son without having to depend on others. So after a failed attempt with Younique ( totally not youniques fault) I started making jewelry and had flash sales to be able to buy my vinyl machine.

I worked hard and it's the first thing that I bought with money I earned. So for a while I was doing tumblers and t-shirts as well as my jewelry and I still could not make it work. There was something missing. I hadn't quite found my calling yet.

A friend messaged me with some ideas. One of those ideas was a weekly flash sale with mystery bags and giveaways.

I brushed the idea off. I just had not been able to make anything work. I had to figure something out or go to work for someone else. Leave my home everyday and leave my baby. I was not ready to do that, so I started my flash sales live on Facebook.